Excavating the Role of NPEs in the Innovation Process

Cooperation partner: Dr. Rob Dekkers, University of Glasgow

This research project should lead to findings about how German and French Non-Producing Entities contribute to the commercialisation of IP (efforts are also made to include Scottish actors, representing the Anglo-Saxon view) particularly on the role of NPEs and their (potential or detrimental) contribution to the effectiveness of the innovation processes and technological trajectories. We aim to develop frameworks for commercialisation of IP involving NPEs that should result later in instruments and metrics for (self-)assessment by companies. A second part of the proposed research project should lead to a quantitative model for the innovation process, which will make it possible to analyse databases and link the involvement of NPEs to successful IP commercialization.

Funding for the project is kindly provided by the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland.  


Dekkers, R. and F. Tietze (2014). Excavating the Role of NPEs in the Innovation Process: Did We Start a Mission Possible? IEEE International Conference on Management of Innovation & Technology. Singapore.