Currently our lectures are only held in German.

We offer lectures and seminars on technology and innovation management, organizing r&d, market penetration of innovations, and project management. Especially the contents of the lectures for master students are strongly based on empiric research work.


Winter semester 2015/16

Here you can find information about master theses, bachelor theses or project theses.
Please note that the information is in German.



Summer Semester

Winter Semester


Project Management (L+E)
Technology Management (S)

Basics of Technology Management (L+E)


Strategic Technology Management (L+E)
Research Seminar (S)
Case Study Seminar (S)

Management of Service Innovations (L+E)
Organizing R&D (L+E)
Research Seminar (S)

L: Lecture, E: Exercise, S: Seminar; All information is subject to change.

Seminars and Exercises

In our research seminars we impart methodological competence (e.g. how to conduct scenario and patent analysis using practical examples) and give students the chance to work as teams on small research projects. In the bachelor exercises for project management students learn about software instruments and the concrete procedure of project planning and controlling.

Master- and Bachelor Theses

Within the scope of theses students will work on topics which are closely related to the research projects at our chair. Bachelor theses are centrally assigned through the examination office. The topics are assigned by the respective supervisor. Therefore please contact our coordinator Alexander Wirsich (see section  „Information on Bachelor Theses“).

Students that wish to apply for a master thesis can contact Prof. Schultz between 01. and 15.01. or between 01. and 15.07. of a year.  Here you can find all information regarding the application for a master theses. We are also willing to supervise theses in cooperation with companies.

Guest Lectures

Our lectures are complemented by guest lectures. Therefore we invite personalities from the world of science, business (e.g. SIMENES AG) and politics (e.g. BMBF).