Project description

The marine biotechnology is an emerging technology, which is concerned with the application of science, and technology on marine bio-resources. The development of marine biotechnology is still at an early stage but offering significant potentials. Macro algae in the North and Baltic Sea are one valuable but yet underutilized marine bio resource. These algae contain ingredients with a variety of health benefits. One of these beneficial ingredients with promising properties for applications in medicine and cosmetics is fucoidan, which can be extracted from brown algae.

The Interreg Project “FucoSan – Health from the Sea” brings together the expertise in the German-Danish Baltic program region in a cross-border regional cluster based on the value chain (research and development, provision, preparation and processing of marine bio-resources, creation of conditions for commercialization) to set up the conditions for cross-border commercial use of fucoidans in the areas of health and well-being.

Project Tasks

  • Creation of a German-Danish FucoSan innovation network

  • Derivation of Business Models for diverse application fields

  • Visualization of a FucoSan technology roadmap

  • Establishment of an “innovation chain concept“


Empirical Research Questions

How do application fields emerge from laboratory research? How do these application fields shape technology commercialisation opportunities? What are the key actors when it comes to bringing new technologies and solutions out of the lab to be deployed? Which characteristics do these key actors share?


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