Research Seminar Strategic Technology Management

Technology Foresight and Application of Telemedical Sensor Systems


In this applied research seminar a full trend analysis in direct collaboration with industrial partners will be conducted. This year we will work on the topic of sensor systems and their telemedical application in healthcare based on the research project A2I (Augmented Auditive Intelligence). With sensor systems in smart devices, e.g. wearables and hearables, a close and continuous telemonitoring of patients and users is possible. We want to use established technology management methods to grasp the broad field of sensor systems and their potential application telemedical services. The aim of this course is to develop an understanding of the technological field, its long-term development as well as current and future market trends. Methodologically, typical research techniques and instruments for technology foresight will be used to conduct primary and secondary analyses: After a broad desk research on the status quo of the technology and more specific sub-fields you will conduct a holistic scenario analysis (Identification of key factors, influence analysis, key factor analysis, consistency analysis). The practical goal is to derive real world suggestions for future value-adding market solutions. The seminar therefore trains analytical and conceptional competences for strategic foresight and management tasks.


The kick-off will take place on 22.10.2021 8:15 - 9:45 and will be held in attendance at Wilhelm-Seelig-Platz 3 (WSP3) - Seminarraum 1 .

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Lecturer (S) Carsten KaiserChristopher GarrelfsProf. Dr. Carsten Schultz
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Course Research Seminar
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