Master Project: Technology Foresight and Application of Telemedical Sensor Systems (Wi.-Ing.)


This course is only open to students of the Master's programme "Materials Science and Business Administration" 


Objective of the course:

  • In this course, we will work on the topic of sensor systems and their telemedical application in healthcare. With sensor systems in smart devices, e.g. wearables and hearables, a close and continuous telemonitoring of patients and users is possible. We want to use established technology management methods to grasp the broad field of sensor systems and their potential application telemedical services. As we are a small number of participants, we want to work closely together and share our progress of searching, analyzing and classification in regular meetings. The outcome will be an individual online presentation and a written report about the technology profile of sensor systems and their potential for future healthcare applications.


Further objectives:

  • Gaining knowledge about complex technology developments.
  • Practical application of technology management instruments.
  • Increase in methodological and communication skills.



  • Kickoff: WiSe21/22,  22.10.2021 8:15 - 9:45, Raum n.V.
  • All other dates will be announced via Olat and Univis


Downloads All materials will be uploaded to OLAT
Lecturer  Prof. Dr. Carsten Schultz and Christopher Garrelfs
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LP / SWS 10 LP / 8 (project work) + 2 (report) SWS
Dates and rooms Dates and rooms will be published on UnivIS and OLAT
Course Project work
Requirements This seminar requires a mandatory sign up via OLAT
Examination Written report and presentation. Both must be passed individually.
Date of examination -
Eligibility If you wish to participate in the seminar, you must first inform yourself independently in the respective subject-specific examination regulations (Fachprüfungsordnung - FPO) whether participation is possible. This course is only open to students of the Master's programme "Materials Science and Business Administration" 
Max. number of participants 10
Recommended literature Relevant literature will be announced on the Kick-Off date.