Am 05.Oktober.2017 hält Prof. Robert Kok vom "Institute for Management Research, Radboud University, Nijmegen" einen Gastvortrag über das Thema "OPEN INNOVATION PRACTICES RELATED TO THE ADOPTION OF SUSTAINABLE PROCESS INNOVATIONS: THE ROLE OF PARTNER TYPE".

Der Vortrag beginnt um 14:00 Uhr im Gutenberg Hörsaal, Westring 425.

Der Inhalt des Vortrages wird im Folgenden zitiert:

"The purpose is to investigate the relationship between open innovation practices and the adoption of sustainable process innovations as well as the role of partner types in this relationship. Sustainable process innovations in manufacturing firms are needed to reduce the CO2 footprint where the degree and nature of open innovation could be of influence. Based on the literature on innovation and theories on partnership we hypothesized that open innovation is positively related to the adoption of sustainable process innovations and that science-partner co-operation strengthens this relationship. Using the Dutch sample of the cross-industry European Manufacturing Survey, our findings support the claim that firms that have more inbound open innovation practices adopted more sustainable process innovations. Co-operation with science partners did not appear to strengthen this relationship and had a direct positive relationship with the adoption of sustainable process innovations. These findings contribute to the literature on open innovation effects, the role of partner type, and sustainable process innovation adoption, for instance largely contradicting results of prior studies that did not find an effect of co-operative strategies. The findings imply for innovation and operation managers of manufacturing plants who want to increase the adoption of sustainable process innovations aimed at saving energy and material or producing renewable energy that they could select inbound open innovation practices or science-based partnerships as instrumental tools."