Research focuses

Innovation Management

Projects in this core area focus on themes that are relevant for the organizational framework of innovations and managing innovation projects. The focus here is placed on the challenges facing radical innovations and innovation management in hospitals and assisted care providers. The healthcare questions we focus on are: What incentives and instruments promote innovative behavior among doctors and nursing staff? What determines the acceptance of process innovations? What are the success factors for managing innovation projects and portfolios?

Current projects in this core area are:

Durch Innovation zum Krankenhaus der Zukunft

Performance Effects of University Industry Collaboration

SITE - Schaffung eines Innovations­milieus für Telemedizin


Innovate! New -Innovationsbenchmarking für Stadtwerke und Energieversorger

Service Networks

Services usually involve multiple actors working together to provide user-specific services. Actors include companies and public institutions, such as hospitals or nursing homes, as well as select users and user-groups (e.g., user-communities, self-help groups), independent help-organizations, or public administration. Collaboration between these actors must be structured and coordinated, and demands innovative business and management models. IT-based process management is particularly important in order to do justice to the complex organizational demands and to ensure the delicate balance between individualization and standardization of services. The projects in this core area are dedicated to developing and managing such systems.

Current projects in this research area are:

PRAKOS - Praktiken und Kommunikation  zur aktiven Schadensbewältigung


KOPS - Koordination von Opferbetreuung und psychologischer Soforthilfe

Technology Transfer

Companies often rely on external sources of knowledge in open-innovation processes. We focus on the junction between businesses and public research institutions. We analyze the management and impact of university-industry projects and alliance portfolios, and the success factors of hospital-industry collaborations regarding clinical studies. A further point of interest is Intellectual Property Management (e.g., patents, portfolio assessment, IP-strategies, licensing).

Current Projects in this core research area are:

 Performance Effects of University Industry Collaboration

Service Innovations

This core research area focuses on the innovation processes of IT-based Services and the combination of products and services (Product-Service-Systems). Particular focus is placed on framework conditions regarding the shift from product-innovation driven companies to becoming service-innovation oriented, especially regarding environmental responsibility and sustainable economic development, as well as medical technology.

 Current projects focusing on services or Product-Service Systems are:

Service Innovation - Servitization, Dienstleistungsinnovationen und Methoden

Strategischer Wandel von Stadtwerken und Energieversorgern