Information on Bachelor Theses

The topics for bachelor theses have to be handed out between  27. July 2015 and 05. February 2016. The registration and assignment is centrally managed by the  Examination Office of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. The topics will be assigned during individual interviews.

To arrange for a first interview appointment please contact our coordinator Alexandere Wirsich wirsich(at) Prior to the interview please think about when you approximately want to start with your thesis. Depending on the ressources of our staff members a supervisor will be assigned to you.

In general it is possible to sumit own topic suggestions. These topics should substantially fit to the research at our chair. In case you want to suggest a topic, please sent us a ½ - 1 DIN A4 abstract, in which you summerise your topic, why you think this topic is relavant and how you want to proceed.


  1. We strongly recommend attending the bachelor seminar "Seminar zur Bachelorarbeit" (only for students which study according to the new professional examination regulations). This seminar is always held at the beginning of each issue period. Latest: 27.07.2015.
    Participation is only possible for those who already completed a different bachelor seminar.
  2. Informational Interview with the supervisor.
  3. Topic assignment and start of bachelor thesis (9 weeks)
  4. After 3 weeks the candidate has to deliver a two page long interim report (table on contents, objective / motivation, basic classification of theories, approach / methods, relevant literature / empiric studies and if applicable first results).

A selection of supervised bachelor theses can be found here.

A guide on writing scientific papers is obligatory for all the theses written at our chair.  The guide can be found in the download section (currently only in German).  Helpful links and recommendable tools can be found in the section Links and Tools.

An instruction sheet on bachelor theses is available via the examination office for economics and social sciences. Please follow the link.