Information on Master Theses

We preferably supervise empiric, evidence-based master theses within the scope of our research projects or in cooperation with practicioners. This includes quantitative primary data collection (e.g. in form of surveys) as well as secondary data studies (e.g. by using patent databases). Empiric master theses further include qualitative studies (e.g. data collection through interviews and content-analytical evaluation of case studies).

Suggestions for master theses can be submitted anytime. The topic suggestions should realign with our research topics. Please contact Carsten Schultz in regard to this. Companies are also called upon to contact us regading research relevant topics that can be elaborated within the scope of a thesis.

In addition to master theses within the context of the current research projects at our chair, we also accept master theses (in cooperation with companies) in the areas listed below. If interested, please approach the stated contact person.

The master thesis must comply with our guide on writing scientific papers. The latest version can be found here. Furthernore, here is an overview of important literature databases, useful software and additional links.

Currently available topics (in German):
  • Determinanten der Innovationsfähigkeit von Krankenhäusern
  • Erfolgsfaktoren von Industrie Klinik Kooperationen
  • Regionale Vernetzungsstrategien im Gesundheitswesen
  • Dienstleistungsentwicklungskompetenz in der Energiewirtschaft
  • Analyse der technologischen Leistungsfähigkeit Schleswig-Holsteins auf Basis von Patentdaten
  • Planungs- und Innovationskompetenz von Einsatzkräften bei Großschadenslagen


Applications always between 01. and 15.01. or 01. and 15.07. of a year

Guide on Application for a Master Thesis