Information on Project Theses

Project thesis during your master program at the chair of technology management

The project thesis aims at theoretically rehashing an assignment, which you have been working on during your intership, based on current scientific literature. Following this, you have to make comparisons between the theoretical results and your discoveries from pratice during your internship.

Your project thesis should be structured as follows:

  • Introduction: Introduction of the company (industry, performance specification, relevant numbers etc.) and a brief summery of the assignments during your internship (ca. 1-1,5 pages)
  • Project: Selecting a specific assignment from your scope of duties during your internship and theoretically rehash this assignment on the basis of (the latest) scientific literature (ca. 2 pages)
  • Conclusion: Comparison of theory and pratice: Combining the theories you build in the second part of your thesis with your findings during your internship (ca. 1,5 pages)


Your project thesis must comply with our guide on writing scientific papers.

Organisational schedule:

  • 1. Consultation:
    • a) 1. Does the intership comply with the requirements of the chair? Intership completed: Internship certificate / Internship not yet completed: Job description
    • b) Suggestion for topic of project thesis
  • 2. Resgistration:Submit two copies of the completed form to the secratary of the chair
  • 3. Submission:
    • As printed copy at the secretary of the chair (e.g. loose-leaf binders)
    • IMPORTANT: Project theses which are submitted without a consultation are being considered as „failed“!


Please note: The project thesis is not an internship report!

Current open calls for project theses:


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