Organizing R&D

Content overview I. Strategic goals and context factors of R&D Management
  • Organizational Ambidexterity
  • Radikale vs. inkrementelle Innovationen
  • Core Competences vs. Willingness to cannibalize
  • Closed vs. Open Innovation
II. Organizational challenges of R&D
  • Formalisierung und Autorität
  • Zentralisierung und Dezentralisierung der F&E
  • Technologieportfolios und –plattformen
  •  Projektbasierte Organisation
  • Kooperation & Globalisierung
III. Process and project management of R&D
  • Portfolio- und Programmmanagement von F&E Vorhaben
  • Verhalten von F&E Mitarbeitern
  •  Wissensmanagement
IV. Multi project management
  • Definition and Tasks
  • Empirical Results - TU Berlin MPM Benchmarking Study
  • Concepts and Tools
V. Creativity & Innovative work behavior
  • Determinants of Innovative Behavior
  • Personal and contextual influences on creativity
  • Instruments
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Instructor (L) Prof. Dr. Carsten Schultz
Instructor (E) Dr. Alexander Wirsich, Practice partners
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Exercise: via OLAT
Cred./Hrs. 5 CP / 3 SWS (2 SWS lecture and 1 SWS exercise)
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