Dr. Frank Tietze

Assistant Professor (Habilitand)



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Research project "Product-service-system innovations and firms’ innovation behavior"

Kiel School of Sustainability

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I am an assistant professor (habilitand) at the Institute for Innovation Reserach at University of Kiel, holding a doctoral degree in economics and social sciences (Dr. rer. pol.) from Hamburg University of Technology (Germany). I am trained in industrial engineering and management.

I am a frequent visitor to CHALMERS University of Technology (Sweden), where I am a fellow of the Innovation and Intellectual Property Reserach Group. I am Secretary General of the European Institute for Technology and Innovation Management (EITIM).

My research focuses on innovation at the intersection of management sciences and business (micro) economics. Research topics that interest me include product service systems, intellectual property (IP) rights, ownership, technology markets, patent valuation, user and open innovation, theory of the firm, as well as other related phenomena. With my research I aim to contribute to a sustainable living.